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White Mountain Lock & Key in Peabody, MA provides car replacement keys and transponders. I am also a car locksmith servicing Lynnfield, MA and can make many of the newer transponder keys such as Dodge, Ford, Mazda,
KIA, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Pontiac, Mercury, Nissan, Toyota and more.  Are you locked out of your car? Canít find your car keys? Broken car key? Ignition lock jammed up? Car lock out? Call White Mountain Lock and Key in Peabody, MA. We have all seen good Samaritans who have a ďslim jimĒ or coat hanger and are doing their best to get the car open but all they really are doing is damaging the car.  Todayís cars are so well protected that in most cases a amateur will have a difficult time gaining entry into a locked car.  I am continually training on the latest opening methods and have the best opening tools and open so many cars that after we have the car opened most people canít believe how fast it was.

Most people donít realize this but a Transponder Key, auto key fob and a Remote Key Combo are three entirely different things. A Transponder key provides a built-in keyless entry also known as an anti-theft system. In doing so, it makes them more secure than ever. Working on the principle of radio waves transmission between the chip and the carís ignition system, the transponder key allows car owners to start their car or truck with the embedded microchip. A transponder key, even of the same make and model will only work for the one precise car in which it was designed for. This technology sure has made our lives easier and our cars and trucks more secure. These wonderful keys come with your car, truck or RV from the factory. They have a specially programmed micro chip installed in them which work with a code.

The code, more commonly known as the serial number is installed in the chip which is then embedded into the transponder key. When inserted into the ignition, the electrical engine control unit will scan the code within and if it matches with the serial number programmed into its system, then only will the truck or car start. If the ECU cannot validate the code, the car will not start which makes it all the more protected and secure. Having this type of feature on your vehicle means more security and theft protection. When such security systems come with your new car or truck they are relatively cheaper but if you want to get it installed in your older cars, it means spending a few hundred dollars. Also when a lost transponder key situation arises, it is extremely expensive to replace at your local car dealer. You can save tons of money on your replacement transponder key and programming by contacting us.